Strategic Projects

  • Performance Marketing

    Performance Marketing

    Managing your digital advertising operations has never been more simple and effective.
    Defining clear KPIs and using the right tools can significantly boost your performance marketing scores.
    Inspirio helps you set up and or manage your performance marketing operations with best practices.

    Time Frame : 3 – 5 months

  • Digital Commerce

    Digital Commerce

    One of the biggest transformations to current businesses is having to build digital commerce operations while ensuring growth overall is boosted.
    Inspirio is partnered with the most successful enterprise grade digital commerce platform providers, to help ensure success for your digital commerce operations.

    Time Frame : 3 – 6 months

  • Crowd ideation and research

    Crowd ideation and research

    Using your digital community for ideation and creative input can enhance your business's or brands innovation capability.
    Identifying the right external think tanks and community partners can give you the extra edge in your digital operations.
    Inspirio helps you plug in to the external creative and idea pool for your business.

    Time Frame : 3 – 5 months

  • Digital Business Intelligence

    Digital Business Intelligence

    Social, mobile and digital intelligence, used in a unique way with the perfect combination of tools gives your business real time market intelligence.
    Using digital for business intelligences gives your business or brand speed and accelerates your ability to digital meets your customer's demands.
    Inspirio provides digital intelligence reports which is customised to your business environment, focused on delivering measurable and actionable insights.

    Time Frame : Annual Plan with Weekly or Monthly reporting

  • Digital Asset Activation and Management

    Digital Asset Activation and Management

    Operating in digital means looking at your digital operation elements as assets. Managing your digital assets in a portfolio format and linking them to your core business drivers can give you strategic edge on digital.
    Inspirio helps you develop an internal digital asset management mindset as well as provides you with framework and tools to manage your digital assets for success.

    Time Frame : 3 – 5 months